Reinstatements, including as a result of appeals, are a key component of fairness to our users and respect for their right to a remedy for content moderation actions. As a result, we allow users to request reinstatement of their accounts and/or content. This happens in one of two ways—we may reinstate an account or repository after a user removes content that violated our Terms of Service and agrees not to violate them going forward, or by an appeal, when a user disputes our decision to restrict access to their account or content.

Access the complete data set on our GitHub repo or download the individual CSV files.

About trade controls compliance

GitHub is committed to expanding access for developers worldwide, even in sanctioned regions where access may be limited due to government sanctions. In some cases access may be permissible under either a specific or general license from the government, and we also work diligently to minimize the impact of any false positive hits. In many cases, we can reinstate a user's account (grant an appeal), for example after they returned from temporarily traveling to a restricted region or if their account was flagged in error. It is in that spirit that GitHub allows users to appeal restrictions related to trade control laws. For more information, visit our GitHub and Trade Controls page.